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About us

SECOND GAIN is an innovative network linked to currency trading.
The network is based on the spread of an automatic software (a winning robot advisor) that trades currencies and then works for you.

Each user operates on his own trading account, using specific trading systems based on advanced algorithms developed to get profit.

In addition to performance results (positive in recent years), every user also gains on the network of people he introduces by collecting "network prizes" and "bonus trading"

To use SeconGain login from your smartphone to the www.secondgain.com webapp and follow directions.

Remember that use of a Sponsor code saves you 100€.You will receive an email with your personal Sponsor code and the istructions to purchase the subscription.Open your KeyToMarkets account directly from the Webapp or from the broker’s website ( choose “SecondGain EUR” when it is asked).Connect the WebApp with your account to operate automatically. Remember that your trading account is private and you can withdraw or deposit whenever you want.We advise you to deposit a minimum amount about 1000€. This amount allows you to operate by spreading risks and exploiting the potential of Automatic Trading System.


Share & let's reward yourself!
Send your sponsor code to a friend and receive a prize! As soon as he signs up, you will instantly get a cash back of € 100 ! You will also receive continuos bonuses.


Any amount you invest is in your full availability, you can disinvest it and withdraw it at any time. Your account is kept by an authorized broker under FCA control in UK.


Create your own network to get amazing instant results. Discover new endless opportunities for gain. Prizes at once and continuos bonuses from your network.


Invite your friends and grow your network. For each new user introduced you instant receive prize of € 100 in addition to continuos bonuses (aprox. € 250 a year to up).


Once reached 20 introduced user you will become a coordinator and will unlock new bonuses (also on the indirect network).


When your network reaches 1000 people (direct and indirect networks) you will become Director, in addition to bonuses as coordinator, you will receive additional bonuses, discover new, endless possibilities!


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What is SecondGain?

It is a Network based on Online Trading with a focus on buying and selling currencies within the Forex market.Each subject in Second Gain enters a Network Marketing mechanism automatically and each participant of Second Gain makes Online Trading (in the most congenial ways, even with the methods suitable for non-experts).Actually Second Gain offers an application service (through WebApp and site) that allows you to access the Online Trading activities of each participant and the management of the Network.SecondGain offers also a reporting service with which you can observe the progress of its own trading account and an automatic trading system that can be used in your trading account installed on your PC / Mac or in the free Cloud.


It is the activity of buying and selling financial instruments (including also currencies in the Forex market) through Internet. This activity is for everyone and it is implemented by means of a specific application (trading platform). Within some trading platforms it is possible to use programs that implement operative strategies in a completely automatic and autonomous way: the Automatic Trading Systems, better named Social Trading Network in Second Gain.


It is a commercial activity, legally recognized, structured for groups of individuals linked by their presentation. Each participant in the network derives his compensation not only from sales made directly, but also by those made by the sellers linked to him. Second Gain is a Network Marketing in which the participants are rewarded with "prizes" for introducing new members and with the redistribution among all the members of the monthly "bonus operations" generated by the Network itself (to this regard see the video on the Compensation Policy).

Is SecondGain a Ponzi scheme or a Multi-Level or a Chain of chain letters?

NO, it isn’t!
Second Gain is a sustainable and legal Network Marketing. In Italy, Network Marketing is regulated by Law 17 dated August 2005, n. 173. In each country, this activity is regulated. Illegal models (Ponzi scheme or chain letters) move value between one subject and another, the capital of the last users is used to repay the former. These systems sooner or later collapse and are in fact illegal. On the contrary, Second Gain creates value and this is redistributed within the network. The value is created through the promotion of the Second Gain subscription (for which the participants collect the prizes) and through the Online Trading activity (for which the participants collect the bonuses from the agreed broker).

Are there any difference with respect to the classic network models?

The Second Gain Automatic Trading System is an automatic strategy created specifically to operate on currency markets (ForEx or Foreign Exchange) and to meet the needs of a Network. Strategies based on advanced algorithms are used, these are the result of years of development by professionals in the field who have always put their work at disposal of important institutional operators in the financial world. The first group of strategies, of a qualitative nature, adopts a medium-term approach, exploiting price inversion cycles. The second group of strategies, of a quantitative type, exploits the smallest oscillatory movements of the markets with frequent movements of small size.

Are there any difference with respect to the classic network models?

SecondGain offers free in use, for the duration of the subscription to SecondGain, the own Automatic Trading System. Conscious of the fact that in trading, especially if financial leverage is used, the risks linked to operations can lead to losses, to protect users this trading system adopts a security system that closes all operations if the risks exceed threshold levels set. Every SecondGain user is free to use any tool to make his own investments, the SecondGain Automatic Trading System is a possibility.

Is there a history of the results of the Automatic Trading System?

Below are the performances of the Automatic Trading System of SecondGain obtained in 2016 and 2017 with a starting capital of 5,000 euros, but pay attention that past results are no guarantee for the future.

We spent more than 5 years in research and development to design a top-performing automatic strategy while maintaining a prudential operation. In recent years we have recorded an average performance between 20 and 30%. We know, however, that past performance is no guarantee for the future.

Is it possible to see some real account?

For privacy reasons and lack of access to the customers' account, it is not possible for us to publish the real returns of our customers. However, the above scheme is the real performance of returns in 2016 and 2017.

The Automatic Trading System is profitable?

We spent a lot of time developing the Automatic Trading System to make it profitable. Nobody can guarantee the performances of an investment that can lose and gain. This is why it invests a small part of the amount available in your trading account. Moreover, in order to combine the qualitative and quantitative needs, developing your network, you will have a certain Bonus performance because the Broker always gains! And you too.

Where is the money from my investments?

The accounts opened with the KeyToMarkets broker rely on segregated bank accounts, or on accounts with which only movements related to trading are possible (and therefore not to withdrawals from beneficiaries other than the trading account holder).

Is it possible not to use the Trading System provided by SecondGain?

Yes, you can avoid to use the Trading System that we provide and you can operate directly relying only on your instinct and your professional knowledge. You will be the one that chooses if it is preferable to work independently or have a robot that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year.

Are there different behaviors with respect to the deposit made on the trading account?

The nature of the user of the trading account changes the risk profile with which the trading system approaches the markets: prudential in the case of a simple user, moderated in the case of an introducer and gradually more aggressive starting from the Coordinator.

Accounts of 2.000 euros have the same yield compared to accounts of 10,000 euros?

Focused on portfolio optimization, the SecondGain trading system was designed to distribute risk by diversifying across multiple financial instruments. The diversification operates on multiples of € 1,000 until the activation of 10 contemporary financial instruments. According to this logic, it is evident that larger accounts enjoy the additional benefits deriving from the distribution of risk.

The KTM broker disclaimer discharges the responsibilities of the leveraged investments on the user declaring such operations as dangerous and that could generate losses that go over the amount of the sum deposited in the trading account. SecondGain discharges the responsibility of using the TS to the user, but how does it deal with this question?

SecondGain offers users free use of their Trading System. The use of the same is on a voluntary and autonomous basis (it is the user who activates / deactivates it). The algorithm of the trading system includes a security mechanism that closes operations at exceeding risk thresholds, even below the critical levels, in order to avoid losses in excess of paid- capital. It should also be underlines that the Broker himself points out that when the safety margin is reached, operations are closed and new orders are prevented.

Is the SecondGain partner KTM broker certified Mifid-2?

The broker KTM is a British financial intermediary subject to the control of the English institution in charge (FCA No. 527809), similar the Italian CONSOB and holds the MiFID passport to offer its brokerage services throughout Europe.

The compensation policy indicates the term Profit and never speaks of losses. Furthermore, how do you face the accounting rules required by law?Is any declaration made by the user?

Excluding the performance of your trading account, the performance deriving from the social network is only positive (this is why only the item Profit is reported). The performance deriving from one's trading account is considered financial income (and in Italy it is subject to separate taxation with a rate of 26% for any capital gains). The prices deriving from the network are instead subject to ordinary taxation.

Is it necessary to pay Ivafe? Does the user have a counter abroad?

Generally, Ivafe is payable in the fixed amount of € 34.20 except for the case in which the average annual stock value resulting from the statements and booklets does not exceed € 5,000.

Do you want only to trade? Is it a convenient choice?

Yes, you can only Trade and count on the returns deriving from the return of your work to your trading account. Yes, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to earn the "Bonuses" related to the operations of the traders you introduce and the "Prices" that SecondGain recognizes to each new member who uses your sponsor code. This synergy Performance + Bonus + Rewards is the reason why it is better to enter Second Gain and expand your network.

To whom is SecondGain suitable?

It is suitable to everyone, traders or not, people who have and do not have knowledge or aptitude for the financial markets, people who are followed on social networks and even those who do not use them.

How do you get into SecondGain?

Download the webapp from the website www.secondgain.com on the smartphone and follow the instructions.If you do not have a code and want to have the discount of 100 €, you can use our discount code active during the X6D0P0L9 promotional campaigns. You will receive an email containing your Personal Sponsor Code and instructions on how to pay to subscribe. Open your trading account at the broker agreement directly from the App that is KeyToMarkets or if you prefer from the broker's site by selecting as "SecondGain EUR" account type, when you will be asked.Connect the WebApp to your account to start operating automatically. Remember that the trading account is your personal account so you can withdraw when you want and upload the amount you want. We recommend a minimum amount of one thousand euros because it allows you to operate by spreading out the risks and making the most of the features of Automatic Trading System.

Why opening a trading account?

Rewards will be paid by SecondGain by bank transfer to the bank account you provide, while the Bonus operations of your network of contacts will be paid by the broker directly to your active trading account. In fact, your network will continuously feed your personal Trading account.The amount deposited by you in the Trading account (including the Bonuses) is always at your availability.

Can I close the trading account?

Yes, of course, when you want and get the money back. However, the broker will recognize the operating bonuses from your network if you also move your trading account. SecondGain, on the other hand, pays you the Prizes regardless of the movement of your account.

How does the installation of the Automatic Trading System work?

The trading platform also available directly on the Broker website (MetaTrader4) allows you to trade with your strategies. If you do not have time,or do not have the proper knowledge or you want to get the maximum obtainable anyway, you can choose a SecondGain automatic subscription strategy. You can use it in two different ways:
• Requesting and installing it on your trading platform (it is a file with ex4 extension)
• Using the free Cloud from the WebApp providing account credentials and using the trading system completely automatically.
You can decide at any time to stop or activate the Automatic Trading System.

How much does SecondGain cost?

The annual subscription costs € 490. If you use the invitation of another user (Sponsor Code) you save € 100 (thus paying only € 390). The introducer will receive € 100 as a Sales Cash back. The renewals maintain the discount received in the first registration phase.

How much can you earn with SecondGain?

A SecondGain user has three income sources:
 1 PERFORMANCE of your trading account (given by your work or the use of automatic strategies)
 2 PRIZES paid by SecondGain following the introduction of new customers (who have signed up using the Sponsor Code)
 3 BONUS operations paid by the KeyToMarket broker

What result do you get from trading with a € 1000 account and a 5person network?

Performance of your trading account: 10/15% per annum (+ or - 100/150 €)
SecondGain prizes on new users: 5 x € 100 = (€ 500)
KTM Bonus: about € 20 / month from each account € 1000 = (€ 1200)
TOTAL = 1000 + (+/-) 100/150 + 500 + 1200 = (2.550 / 2.850) + 155/185% per annum )
With 20 contacts you could earn € 400 a month without counting the Prizes.

And if you do not introduce anyone?

You can only count on your business as trader. With reference to the SecondGain Trading System, past results shows an average annual performance of 20/30%.

Are there any constraints?

You can do whatever you want on your trading account, it's yours. Just remember that the broker recognizes bonuses when your trading account has trading activities in accordance with your average stock (equal to 2 lots for € 1000 trading account).


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